Sunday, 2 September 2012

dressed to fly

i read some interesting headlines last week regarding attire.  everyone has their own way of dressing and it is okay to their own eyes.  but when is it ‘not ok’ to others?  what has it got to do with flying, you may ask.  i am not sure about you but I tend to dress ‘properly’ whenever i take any flight.  while the word proper is very subjective, let’s ponder on a couple of excerpts i took from an aviation news portal.

incident 1:
a woman was confronted by an airline employee before boarding for showing too much cleavage.
Matsumoto of Bleach
Picture: Google images 

incident 2:
a pilot lectured a passenger because his/her t-shirt showcased the 4-letter obscene word but was then allowed to fly after covering it with a shirt.
 Picture: Google images 

you may think that this happened in asian countries as asians are more conservative in terms of dressing. well, you’re wrong.  both cases happened in the usa.

how about the school uniform like the ones in japan? appropriate? proper?

  Picture: Google images 

or how about the fishnet?

  Picture: Google images 

so, what does proper here means? i think it is common sense.  i don’t have to define it. 

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