Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Selangorlicious Prize Giving Ceremony 2012

back in june 2012 (i think), tourism selangor kicked-off their selangorlicious food blogging competition. this was organised by the tourism selangor and its objective was to promote the street food around/in selangor. the food review/blog competition theme was street food. i was invited to the launch event and according to my friend, it may be a good networking opportunity for me to promote my or rather my family's chain of restaurant.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

MAS A380 Joyride

A few weeks before 5 June 2012, i was reading about the deliveries of aircraft to airlines for work purpose. that include MAS's first A380. made some RTs and comments here and there on twitter. as usual, i had some good response, views and opinions from other avgeeks and suddenly, a surprise came.

it read, "would you like to be part of the MAS A380 Joyride?"

Sunday, 2 September 2012

dressed to fly

i read some interesting headlines last week regarding attire.  everyone has their own way of dressing and it is okay to their own eyes.  but when is it ‘not ok’ to others?  what has it got to do with flying, you may ask.  i am not sure about you but I tend to dress ‘properly’ whenever i take any flight.  while the word proper is very subjective, let’s ponder on a couple of excerpts i took from an aviation news portal.