Thursday, 27 September 2012

1st runner-up award winning write-up: Char Kuey Teow @ Kelana Jaya (a.k.a. Aunty Gemuk @ FAM)

so this is the award winning write-up. enjoy...

Title: Char Kuey Teow @ Kelana Jaya (a.k.a. Aunty Gemuk @ FAM)

This Char Kuey Teow (CKT) is no stranger to the residents of Petaling Jaya, but there are many out there who have not tried  the famous CKT Aunty Gemuk. Just google ‘Char Kuey Keow Aunty Gemuk’ or ‘Aunty Gemuk FAM’ and you will get tonnes of reviews on her CKT.

What makes Aunty Gemuk’s CKT so special? Firstly, her CKT is halal – a very unique selling point.   Many of my non-Muslim friends would say that the best CKT would require the use of non-halal ingredients, nevertheless they do agree that Aunty Gemuk’s CKT tastes just as good. Which brings me to my next point – the taste factor.
For me, a perfect CKT would have that charred taste from big strong flames and the cockles are half cooked.  It should not be too soggy or ‘wet’, and being the Malaysian that I am, it should also have a hint of spiciness for that ‘kick’.  And it is clear to me that Aunty Gemuk has mastered the art of cooking a plate of CKT.  Hence, it is no surprise that Aunty Gemuk’s CKT had won the best CKT in Klang Valley in 2010, an award accorded to her by

Aunty Gemuk uses a thinner kuey teow (flat rice noodles) which is usually used for ‘kuey teow soup’ and because of that, her CKT’s texture is softer and easier to cook.  Her CKT is also more reddish than others simply because of Aunty Gemuk’s special chilli paste and also because she uses less dark soy sauce.

I always order my CKT with a sunny side up egg with the yolk still runny.  As soon as my plate of CKT arrives, the first thing I would do is to pierce the egg yolk with the chopstick and let the runny yolk ooze onto the noodles.  Then, I would mix all that yummy goodness, at the same time taking in the slight burnt aroma to entice the tastebuds.  Scoop it straight into the mouth and I promise that you will experience a burst of different flavours: charred, hot, spicy, soft, egg-y and more. You have to try it to believe it!

Aunty Gemuk’s CKT comes in two serving size:

  • Small: RM4.50
  • Big: RM5.00.
Add RM1.00 if you want an extra egg to go with your order.

Her stall is located inside Restoran Jamal Mohamad, 24 Jalan SS5A/9, Kelana Jaya, Selangor. Don’t be fooled by the name of the restaurant as this mamak is using the Chinese hawker style concept, where there are many other stalls operating in their premise.


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