Tuesday, 18 September 2012

MAS A380 Joyride

A few weeks before 5 June 2012, i was reading about the deliveries of aircraft to airlines for work purpose. that include MAS's first A380. made some RTs and comments here and there on twitter. as usual, i had some good response, views and opinions from other avgeeks and suddenly, a surprise came.

it read, "would you like to be part of the MAS A380 Joyride?"

my heart leap for joy but my mind wondered if it is a legit person asking such question. haha! well, to cut things short, it was all true and i am truly grateful for the chance and opportunity given. thank you so so much to MAS and its social media team!

enjoy the pictures!

the big invite

yup, i was early. excited... 

registration. i am an influencer and now a blogger...

actual boarding pass!

asking for directions or chatting up?

a glimpse of the big bird - 9M-MNA

some familiar faces

opening speech and also showcasing the winners
of 'the big flight' contest

gonna be up, close and personal with her

boarding time...

economy / Y-class on the main deck

more familiar faces
actually, i have abundance of pictures on the people on-board which
include personnel from MAS itself, airport staff, government officials,
ground handlers of whom i knew. but gonna keep it private for now

seated and she greeted me

with windows up, there ain't much glare... nice!

there was clicking and flash lights everywhere!
everybody in the cabin was a celebrity!

on Y-class / economy's aisle

one of the view options available on this large screen

IFE's controller

the usual SOP for safety. important!

seat pitch

a quick look at MAS A380 seat config and pitch
table source: businesstraveller.com

light meal/snack was served

lavatory. i like the clean lines

a token of appreciation from MAS as we 'arrived at our destination'

overall, the flight time was about three hours with the pilot making a 'u-turn' in LGK's airspace and everyone seated by the window can clearly see the island.

my pass was restricted to the economy class on the main deck so i did not have any opportunity to venture into the first class or the upper deck for business class and child-free economy class. nevertheless, it was good catching up with the people on board.

touched down in KUL and taxi-ed towards the other end of the runway for another take-off. this time, the pilot took us a in low bypass through SZB. it was so low that we can actually see the shadow of the A380! amazing.

there you go. my superb experience with the MAS A380 Joyride.

currently, MAS flies the A380 to London on a daily basis and by year end, they will fly to Sydney as well. More A380s to come with a total of 6 of it by year 2013. Apart from LHR and SYD, other destinations tipped to be serviced by this equipment are PEK, MEL and few more. I'll let them do the announcement for more future destinations, if any.

Until then, i wish MAS all the best in their future plans.


  1. damn... kantoi gambar aku. yes i was asking for directions. :P

  2. Hey! I envy you... you're so lucky.

    Thanks for this exclusive post, esp made for us who has to buy an actual ticket to board the A380! Really awesome!! :)

  3. azuan: yeah yeah asking for directions where you can actually see the big arrow showing the directions. =D

    syafique: yeah, i guess i was lucky. but, i don't mind paying to go to london with this.

  4. Hi Fariz,

    This is cool. Hope to try MAS' A380 someday soon! The IFE's controller looks pretty slick! I'm surprised though to find that MAS hasn't started using a video for its Safety SOP, even on their A380.

    Anyways, yes, this is one cool ride! :-)

    1. Hi R.a.W! thanks for visiting. actually, they do have the safety SOP on visuals/video but i was sitting almost to the front row seat where the screen/IFE are stowed away, hence the need of FAs to demonstrate it.

      since that day, i kept on telling people to try it. and i hope you do, one day.

    2. Ah ha! That's good. Video is the way forward. It allows the FAs to attend to other things. Putting it on video also more or less forces the passengers to view the safety SOP.

      Yup, I'd love to try it one day. I have been on EK ones several times. Would be nice to try MH's A380 for a change.

    3. i agree with you. but i guess they go the extra mile to have for their pax.

      how was EK's? from pictures online, their F-class looked like a hotel.

    4. I love flying on EK's A380s. So smooth and quiet. And there's a feeling of spaciousness too despite the fact that the seat measurements are more or less as on other EK's aircraft. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to fly 1st on EK's A380 but yes, it looks like a hotel, haha!