Monday, 26 November 2012

Abu Dhabi - Around the City

recently, i was in abu dhabi for a conference and took the opportunity to walk around the city whenever i had the chance. 

"abu dhabi is the capital and the second largest city of the United Arab Emirates in terms of population and the largest of the seven member emirates of the United Arab Emirates" - wiki

abu dhabi is also an hour away from its more glamour sister city, dubai.  due to time constraint, i did not venture out to dubai but instead walk around the city and tried to immerse myself with the surroundings. one day, i'll set my foot in dubai as i already know someone who can guide me through the city now.

the thing with business trip is that you have a limited time of your own and hard to visit the places that were 'supposed' to be visited. just had to make do with what you have around you.  some of the major places i missed was the grand mosque (it is really beautiful as i passed by it in a cab), the emirates palace (huge and far from city. again just a pass-by from a shuttle bus), yas island (the f1 circuit and ferrari world are located here) and more.

so, since i got nothing much to say about this underrated city, i am just going to share with you as much pictures as i can for you to have an idea of this city feels like.

take note, most of the pictures were taken from inside a cab or shuttle bus.

 opposite grand millenium al-wahda hotel

yup, i walk under the scorching sun. it was 42 degree Celcius 

 lots of exotic car showrooms here in abu dhabi

direction to yas island. don't think i can reach there by foot 

 a mosque/surau in between buildings

the central post office 

my guess is this was the old etihad building. probably now housing different subsidiary of etihad 

the mosque/surau i mentioned earlier

abu dhabi souk. not as huge as dubai's souk, i was told 


 entrance to the souk

 inside the souk

souk's interior are all wooden. nice.

 some of the 'furniture' inside the souk

traffic on one of the highways 

 american muscle car- dodge charger

not sure what building this is 

lots of 4x4 and they are huge! 

al-ain, the desert where i managed to go for a tour

traffic can clear all of a sudden

another american muscle car - ford mustang 


on the way to gold souk 

madinat zayed gold souk

there was no one walking in the streets except us. everyone was indoor!

i wished i could have more places of interest to share but i guess this was not the time. perhaps, one day, i'll be able to visit those places and share it here.

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  1. Not bad... pictures taken from a moving vehicle. hehehe.

  2. ppl walkin under the sun tu looks familiar.hehehe