Friday, 28 December 2012

Etihad EY411 KUL-AUH

on board flight EY411 from KUL to AUH, i did not managed to snap some pictures on the J class seats and cabin as i was late.  when i entered the aircraft, passengers was already seated and i earned myself some annoyed stares and 'that' look from some of them.

but the FAs were very kind and almost immediately served me some juice.  of course, greeted me by the surname.  the FAs were busy serving drinks and towels and thinking that i would interfere with their duty, i decided to just stay put on my seat.

configured as 1-2-1 with lie flat seats and the arrangement is such a way that it zig-zag between the rows.  meaning row 1 would have 1(window)-2(aisle)-1(window) and the row 2 would be the opposite 1(aisle)-2(enclosed)-1(aisle).

as a single traveler, i opted seat 11K which is the last row and a single window seat.  that way i had some privacy while i reclined the seat to have some sleep.  once settled down and after take-off, we were offered some amenities like toothbrush, toothpaste, earbutts, lipbalm, moisturizer etc.

again, thinking that i could take some pictures once the seat belt sign is off, the lights were shut since the flight was a night flight.  by this time, i gave up trying to take any pictures of the seats.  what was in front of me were the ones i would take.

 boarding pass

the seat 11K

some of the amenities

at a different angle

what i see when i am seated

bottom compartment. the seat reclines and join to the leg rest where i put the pillow to become a 180 degrees lie flat bed

food & beverage

macro view

mixed nuts snack served throughout the flight

thank you etihad for the lovely flight.

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