Sunday, 27 January 2013

bamboo rafting & ulu hati, selangor

thanks to tourism selangor, i found myself waking up very early in the morning to be part of their tsdayout.  crazy timing was mentioned to meet up and again, i found myself eating mcdonalds breakfast at 6am! quite surprising, there were many people having breakfast at that time!

note: i'm not a morning person at all nor my tummy.

this was my first outing with them and was looking forward to it.  expectations was not set and was ready to face the unknown.  the bus came at 7am sharp and i came to realized that all those people in mcdonalds was part of the outing too. hahaha, silly me! 

met azuan (@azuan1880) who is clearly partially awake too, explained about the whole outing.  but as soon as we got on the bus, i think most of us fell asleep.  the journey from kl to hulu langat took about an hour and a half and surprise, surprise, the bus stop by the road side and we have arrived! 

hopped off the bus and next thing i know, was being briefed about the safety procedure while on the bamboo raft.  we were paired up in each raft and a guide to 'paddle?' through the river. 

tok batin briefed us on the safety procedures

me fearing for my camera for getting into the water

we were paired up to a raft with a guide

this is how i/we take pics

there were some 'obstacles' we had to go through

since it was hard for me to bend forward, i find it easier to lie on my back instead ;)

as i lie down, this was the view i got... beautiful

some part of the river were very shallow and can get stuck easily.

here renu was stuck but she was in good hands as she was with the head guide aka tok batin

not-so-lucky for me as i had to help my guide push the raft out.
by this time also, i had my camera in my dry bag already

very unlucky for her. guess who?
hint: her olympus took a dip in the water

locals onlookers 

more local onlookers

as we arrived at the intended area, we were taken to a place called ulu hati.  there we had our shower and lunch.  it is a really nice place with lots of fruit trees all around and very serene.  it is amazing to know that there is such place just outside the hustle and bustle of the city center.

public/visitors are allowed to stay at ulu hati as they provide basic accommodation there.

ulu hati's rest area and restroom

the owner, who was a high flyer in the corporate world, mr. shaipudin

public/visitors can stay here for a weekend getaway
photo credit: @azuan1880

lunch was served with typical kampung food. delish!
photo credit: @azuan1880

tok batin explained to us on how to use the sumpit

tok batin demonstrated the techniques to blow the sumpit
this is a winning shot for the tsdayout

participants listened intensely on how to use the sumpit
photo credit: @_SabMdS

the amazing participants!
photo credit: @azuan1880

met and made new friends and some of them changed the way i see things in life.  thank you all especially to tourism selangor!

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