Saturday, 25 August 2012

So, the journey begins...

i have been toying with the idea of starting a blog or rather re-live my blog.  wait... re-live?  yup, i used to have a blog with this same URL and it was just a recording of what i experienced on the day to day life.  well, i have deleted it and since then been reading other people's blog.  i've read many blogs ranging from product review to living lifestyle to random stuff to self-promoting etc.

so i have decided that my 'theme' would revolve around on the things that i currently fancy/like/obsessed with.  that would be travel, aviation, outdoor, food and lastly photography.  but i think there will be some occasional post that is very random.  and i promise too that it will be a light reading blog.

it took me several weeks and persuasion from friends to do this and finally, during this eid holidays which i have ample of time, to construct this site.  people said it is easy and templates are readily available and it is as simple as ABC.  not!  

being a noob on these 'html' stuff, i got stuck several times trying to rearrange my layout.  but thanks to several people i know through twitter, they helped me get through it.  as you can see, my blog is partially completed and there will be more touch up soon.  

upcoming stuff would be linking my favorite bloggers site on my site (yeah go on and laugh as i find it difficult to do it.  pfft...) and more.  i am not a fantastic writer so i would post more visuals than the actual write-up.  picture speaks a thousand words.  no?

below - preview/pictures of what you can expect from the each categories 






stay tune for more post...


  1. Replies
    1. Jangan ar pressure. Saya budak baru belajar, kalau salah sila tunjukkan.

  2. erkk.. gambar bagi besau sket! baru besh! =p

    1. Kala you click on the pic, tak jadi besar ke?

  3. xmau cover on gadget or IT stuff ke?

  4. Farhan: one by one dulu. tengok consistency.