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Trekking in Annapurna - Day 2: Kathmandu - Pokhara - Nayapul - Tikhedhunga

We started our day with a very early breakfast. Maybe we were excited to start our journey through the mountain range.


But in actual fact, all of us wanted to get connected to the hotel's wifi. Haha!

We were placed at a very high floor and the wifi signal was not strong enough for our mobile phones to get connected even though there was sufficient power supply (not sure if there is any relation of having sufficient power and strong wifi signal ;p). So we can't connect to wifi, don't understand the tv programs, it was cold... Which leave us with the last item. Sleep.

Slept early. Woke up early. Early breakfast. 

Note: In Kathmandu, electricity is being rationed on daily basis. I am not sure what or which industries that has the privilege to have electricity on 24-7 but definitely not the hotel sectors. Electricity would be switch off from the moment the sunrises and would be turned back on in the evening. So, most hotel and even household would have their own generator set to supply some basic power needs. 

An hour after a heavy breakfast (yesterday's dinner at Mr Ram's place left me feeling full until the next morning but still, I must have my breakfast. Good food being served!), Mr Ram came to fetch us and off to the airport immediately. We got a flight to catch. Honestly, this is one of my 'wants' for this trip. To fly in one of Nepal's domestic airlines. 

That lucky airline is Simrik Airlines. 

Read my #AvGeek experience with Simrik Airlines here (coming soon on the next post). 

We were brought to the domestic terminal and next thing we know, there was already some 'airport staff' waiting for us with trolleys to handle our luggage. These staff basically just mount our luggage onto the trolley and bring to the check in area and unload it to the baggage scanner. It was only a short walk and we could have carried our own bags. Personally, I should have known and that could save me some of the small cash that I had. So much for being experienced in the many travels I had. Pfft.

The experience was, anyone handled your bag, they will expect some tips from you. Although the amount was not big but the moment I took out my wallet, more people came and ask for money. There was 2-3 people earlier on and suddenly there was like 7-8 people asking for some tips. Sorry but I am not rich to give everyone some cash. I'm on a budget too!

The domestic terminal is next to international terminal and it was very basic. Like the LCCT (not KLIA2) only on a smaller scale. 

Domestic terminal

I wonder if I will ever get to Lukhla

Check-in was slow due to the manual process but I was ok with it because I get to see the surrounding areas. 

Here we go!

After checking in, we moved to the holding lounge. Again, it was very basic and it was a common holding area. You need to be on the lookout or be on alert for the announcement of flight. 

Holding lounge

Past the gates, onto the 'aerobus'. It was an old bus or coaster van being used to transport passenger from the terminal to the aircraft. But yea, I felt very excited and this time, it was further than on the day I arrived. The feeling of adventure begun that very moment! 

Inside the 'aerobus'.
Pic credit: K Fazi

After about 5 mins ride (a slow ride), we reached our aircraft. It is a Beechcraft 1900! Another aircraft type ticked in my list.

Beechcraft 1900 9N-AGI.
Pic credit: Sue

Yup, gotta bend down a little to get in.
Pic credit: Fariez

And bend down more to get to the seat.
Pic credit: Sab

Read more on Simrik Airlines here (coming soon on the next post)

After about 40 mins of flying, we reached our destination, Pokhara!

Pokhara airport.
Pic credit: Sab

Spot Emmet?

We met up with our guide and porters as we left the terminal. They were waiting for us like family members waiting for their sons and daughters to walk out from the arrival hall. So nice of them.


Pic credit: Sab

We load our luggage onto the van and off we go. It took 2 hours to reach our starting point for our trekking in the Annapurna range. And of course, I was asleep in the van. Haha!

2 hours passed and my wife woke me up. We have reached our starting point, Nayapul village. With a groggy feeling and blurness, our guide made a short briefing about the first trekking day.

Nayapul Village. Starting point.

The first stairs of many many of them

The first bridge of many bridges

Very rocky trek

That short nap in the van did not help much. I felt very lazy to walk and wished that we were walking into a resort instead. Just about 30 mins of walking/trekking, i felt tired. Haha! And we were supposed to walk for 3-4 hours to Tikhedhunga which was our first stop for the night.

The first hour of walking led us to a registration/check post. All trekkers need to register here and also when we return.

Do read before trekking

Check post at Birethanti

Lunch! That's me trying to imitate Fariez's smile. Failed.
Pic credit: K Fazi

After a very very heavy lunch, we continued our journey. I expected to be sluggish after that fried rice meal but no. I felt good, finally.

Finally, after hours of slow trekking, we reached our place to spend the night. This is Laxmi Guest House. This type of guest house is common along the Annapurna trek and it provides basic room and bed. Shower is available but hot shower would incur you additional cost. My first night here, I showered and bloody hell, the water is friggin cold!

First day so still can smile

R: Corridor to dorms
L: The beds

After shower, we rested for a bit before we had our dinner. Again, rice being the main dish and the portion is huge. I foresee that I will not get thin from this trip even with all the long walks and calorie burnt. Night time was quite cool and the best thing to do was hit the sack. Tomorrow will be a very long day of trekking.

#selfie of the day


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