Monday, 8 April 2013

MyTeksi Apps for iOS - Review

I was introduced by a friend about this apps that is available now in Malaysia. It is called MyTeksi. It is a very simple app to use and the function of this app is, well, to book a taxi.

It uses GPS location from your mobile/smart phone/device and from there will locate any nearby taxi. Or, you can enter a specific address. These locations can be saved for future reference and as favorites/bookmark. This apps allows you to make future bookings or immediate response.

After you keyed in your desired destination, the apps will 'contact' the available taxi and once it gets a response from any of them, it will send you a confirmation notice.

In this confirmation notice, you will get an estimated fare, taxi's plate number, driver's name and contact number and a picture of the driver too.

I had a trip recently and needed a taxi to fetch me at 5.30am to the airport. So, i tried booking one from MyTeksi two days before my departure date and it took me less than 5 mins to complete the whole transaction with a confirmation notice given almost immediately.

When the day arrived, i was, honestly, anxious and afraid that the taxi will not arrive. I even told myself that i should have not use the apps for work travel. But i kept my fingers crossed and thankfully the taxi arrived on time. I must say i was very impressed!

The taxi was new or looked like new or very well maintained and i felt confident that i would reach the airport safely. (Yes, i had experiences where the taxi was about to fail halfway through to the airport)

A 5.30am, i don't really feel like talking but the taxi driver was friendly and asked about the apps. I gave my positive feedback and i think he was quite happy with it too. Upon arriving at the airport, the meter showed almost the same estimated fare as per the confirmation notice, which was good. Since i booked a service before 6.00am, there was a midnight surcharge. This is something MyTeksi could consider to add into their apps for any potential surcharges.

You may want to follow them on twitter for more updates @MyTeksi 


  1. 'My Teksi So Seksi'? Hahaha!

    Thanks for this. The app sure is handy for those of us who rely on public transport.

    1. Was skeptical at first but since then, i already used it twice. Very good. I believe they could go far.

  2. Wow... thanks for the review. So glad we're so canggih now!!

    1. Most welcome. Yes, i love that apps now. The suspense of calling a cab and not turning up at the last minit is over. hehe.

  3. Agree. Use a few times, no complain from me so far

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